10 Links for Spiritual Seekers

Puzzle question markI have moved to a new town and started a new position which has sucked up all my time and thought.  Some of you have asked, “Will you keep blogging?”  Yes indeed.  Meanwhile, I’ve dug out of the archives ten posts which are most relevant to people asking life’s big questions. Links below:

Are You a Seeker?

The Good Life and how to get it.

Common questions we all carry around.

Christian Cliches that miss the boat

5 Failure of Formal Faith

How People Grow

Three Keys to Spiritual Growth

Getting Unstuck

Finding Authentic Faith

Life Interrupted 


When You’re in the “Waiting Place”

C.S. Lewis said, "A story worth reading only in childhood is not worth reading even then."  I think … [Read More...]

goodbye, pooh

Four Stages of a Good “Goodbye”

Some of my goodbye's have not been good. I remember a season long ago which was more about leaving … [Read More...]

deep roots

3 Ingredients of Soul Care

Years ago, I tore my ACL and was locked into a brace for months. Today you can have an entire joint replaced and be walking the same day. Movement … [Read More...]


What Men Wish Their Wives Knew

Men and women:  we're different. Comedian Mark Gunger illustrates just how different.  He says men's brains are full of separate boxes. If a man is … [Read More...]

Punt 1

“One Thing” about a Happy Marriage

Ever notice how men tend to compliment and insult each other at the same time? It may be our love language. For instance last weekend I heard someone … [Read More...]